Whether you goals are based around cultivation, retailing, or manufacturing Carrick Partners has you covered.  Operating in Colorado since the beginning of recreational licensing, we have seen it all, and most importantly who does what best and how.  We learned from them (as they made many costly mistakes), so we can pass that knowledge along to you.

The biggest thing you have to consider in this space, is that yes: legal selling, growing, and trafficking of cannabis is new.  But nothing surrounding the worry-free transactions and margin maximization around the plant isn't B-school fundamental.  While there are certainly many industry specific tricks, there is little need to re-invent the wheel.

Time after time, Carrick has utilized expert methods (often times from seasoned pros) in fields that were once illicit or black market, yet decades ago were safe-guarded and emerged from the shadows to become interwoven into daily American society like alcohol and gambling.   

We take what works, and leave what doesn't  Whether it be operating an extraction lab, garden or dispensary: tried and true methodologies honed over our years in the field are scalable and adaptable to any geographic marketplace, and legal cannabis enterprise.

Our Operational compendium includes:


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