From time to time, Carrick Partners will take active or passive stakes in opportunistic investments, or organize funding for a third party in our network.  Recognizing untapped value, or a symbiotic relationship with our existing framework or portfolio firms can catalyze the growth of an asset or brand seeking optimization.  Like a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle, our reach across geographies, verticals, plus rolodex can often ignite a spark to achieve the recognition an investment deserves.  We love the challenge, and more importantly the fulfillment it creates from all sides.


Whether it be internal or external focus, Carrick Partners can steer the right capital to the ideal landing spot.  When it comes to investing, risk and tolerance of all sorts present a spectrum of options.  Recognizing the unique position this nascent industry creates, is a strong point of Carrick Partners we would love to share with you.


In 2019, Carrick Partners plan a launch of a commingled family of funds for both leaf and non-leaf touching investing.  In the interim, please reach out with any inquiries of placing and managing investments, companies, or capital.

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