Construction & Design

LED vs HPS?  Hood cooled, or not?  Dosatron?

What's a kilowatt-hour run, at what time?  What's the source of my energy?  Why do I surge the system?  It feels like my profit goes to the power company.


Rural or Urban? Single site, vertically integrated?  Traffic count? 

Are you sprinklered?  What's your canopy array?  How many tons of AC do you have per lamp?  Who does your AI, harvest protection and corresponding yield data mining?

Get the point?  A home improvement, or real estate development project is tough enough.  If someone is trying to sell you a design, or is a "developer", run don't walk if they can't grow the best product you've ever experienced. Of course, if they do, you're already talking to us! Good job, you're on your way.

What they say in real estate is also true in the marijuana space: the profit is made in the acquisition.  With Carrick by your side, site selection and the corresponding tenant improvement or overall construction management plus design is rooted in decades of traditional experience infused with actual cannabis operational experience.  When it comes to putting shovels in the ground we like to measure twice, and cut once.  And lucky for you, we've measured what works best quite a bit.

Our real estate offerings include, but are not limited to:

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