Brand Partners

Veritas Fine Cannabis 

Veritas represents the highest quality Colorado marijuana, and the original luxury brand of flower.  As America's first 100% wholesaler of recreational cannabis, Veritas (originally white labeled as Carrick-Harvest) has relied on achieving brand loyalty through unrivaled quality since 2014.  With harvests sold out ever since, Veritas is easy choice for a top shelf offering in both independent operators and the largest multi-outlet dispensaries in Colorado.  Currently offering bulk flower, and prepackaged joints: be on the look out for future Veritas products later in 2018.


A pioneer in smokeable concentrates, Olio is Colorado's go-to purveyor of cutting edge wax, shatter, sauce, resin, and any other vehicle they'll invent tomorrow.  With a belief in quality in, quality out, Olio relies on only the highest quality feedstock, which translates into unmatched oils of all consistencies and taste. Anchored in Colorado by their flagship SaucePen, be on the lookout for Olio coming to a market near you in 2019.

   Avér Skin

Infusing Veritas quality feedstock, a slew of PhD's and a successful plant-based skin care firm already in 500+ outlets creates an unparalleled offering in cannabinoid wellness.  With a dual launch of both a THC+ dispensary focused line, and CBD+ offerings to appear in mainstream retail, you will see Avér on shelves and skin in Q4 of 2018.

Your Product/Concept Here

Carrick Partners is currently seeking third-party brands to bring into the family, that compliment our current roster.  While we expand into other states, a wider bandwidth to SKU's within the same ordering and sales hubs in our partner retailers is both desired and accretive to all.  If you're ready to take your concept to the next level, and join the family please reach out.

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