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We aren't inexperienced cowboys, ex-investment bankers, "consultants", or that guy who your kid brother's roommate said grows the best weed ever (truthfully, we are that but we have millions in legal gross revenue to prove it.)

The engine behind Colorado's most envied cannabis operator is now available to partner with third-parties in need of support to achieve their dreams.


Through investment, construction, cultivation, management implementation, and all aspects of sales and presentation, Carrick can elegantly surmount any challenge with proven, turn-key solutions.  Unlike most, we've actually done this before and to unheralded success.

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In addition to marijuana, we grow capital.  Whether through in-house or outside investment, Carrick is a preferred steward of cannabis capital.


Your business is only as good as it's performance while no one is looking.  Carrick's leadership has been active in the legal cannabis industry since 2014, instilling a traditional discipline into the one-time black market.


It's easy to grow weed, it's extremely hard to grow good weed.  Fortunately for you, we can and do both.  We deliver a tailored product of expense to revenue per gram to suit each market and segment for maximum corporate sustainability.

Sales &

At the end of the day, you need to turn the product into profits.  Our team has unquestioned market leadership in the space of monetizing cannabis, and related products with a replicable structure for both hand to hand, and air cover efforts, equating to margin maximization.

Construction& Design

The grows you see in the media, you probably don't need nor want.  We have designed many facilities, and provide custom specs and pro-forma for each project, based on what works and what doesn't in a very competitive market.

Branding &

The business of positioning your product, no matter who it is intended to reach, comes to culmination in how it is dressed.  The brand, it's message and packaging can be a make or break proposition where you must precisely hit your mark.

On the cannabis revolution:

"It's a business first.  As a movement we get one chance to do this right.  Only after you align yourself with quality operators and prove your mettle, can you become a shining star community stakeholder.  That is where the real reward begins and non-believers become very receptive." 

Tobias Ripsom

Founding Partner

Build On Our Success

We are born operators.  Our success lies in our clients bottom line, which is much more complicated than simply profit.  We have done all of this before, many times over and improved every time. Since 2014, we still find our products, systems and structures at the pinnacle of the industry in the world's most crowded marketplaces.  We welcome all manner of business challenge, no matter the size.  We know that they are all immensely huge to the uninitiated owner or investor.  Lucky for you: we're here to help.

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